If Favimon are Pokémon, then actions are moves. A Favimon is able to use them in combat during its turn. Favimon with the Sleep status condition cannot use actions nor be returned until waking. Faster Favimon attack first, and wild Favimon occasionally waste a turn hesitating. Each action is a certain type, belongs to a certain class, and has a level ranging from one to three. The higher the level, the more effective it is.

Currently, there 1470 named actions.

Types of actionsEdit

(If you plan on making a page for a type of action, please refer to the Action Type Format page to save you a lot of time and effort.)

Action's Name Action's Description
AttackDown Attack Down Decrease Opponent's Attack Stat.
AttackUp Attack Up Increase Own Attack Stat.
Damage Damage Decrease Opponent's Health.
DefenseDown Defense Down Decrease Opponent's Defence Stat.
DefenseUp Defense Up Increase Own Defence Stat.
Disarm Disarm Disable an Opponent's Action for the Remainder of Battle.
Drain Drain Decrease Opponent's Health, and recover Own Health.
Escape Escape Attempt to escape from Battle.
HealSelf Heal Self Recover Health (Up to Maximum)
HealTeammate Heal Teammate Recover Teammate's Health (Up to Their Maximum)
Mimic Mimic Use an Opponent's Action at random.
Peek Peek Peek at Opponent's Stats.
Poison Poison Poisons the Opponent.
Sleep Sleep Cause Opponent to Sleep.
SpeedDown Speed Down Decrease Opponent's Speed Stat.
SpeedUp Speed Up Increase own Speed Stat.
StealAction Steal Action Permanently replaces this action with an Opponent's.
Unknown Unknown Unknown
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