Currently, battling is the only activity one can "do" in Favimon as of now. Battle pits your Favimon against a wild Favimon. Like with any "battle" type of game, Favimon is a mix of luck and strategy. As you collect more Favimon the wild Favimon slowly get stronger, each new Favimon having slightly more health than the last.

Initiating CombatEdit

Unlike most "combat" games, anyone playing Favimon can always choose their opponent. Combat starts when you enter a website in the search bar. If the website has a favicon, then there is most likely a Favimon with the same name (though it may only have the Normal class). After you have sucessfully summoned a Favimon, then the real battle begins.

Taking TurnsEdit

Battle in Favimon is turn-based. The Favimon with the highest speed stat will go first. (If both Favimon have the same speed, then the first Favimon to act is chosen at random.)

During your turn, you have two choices:

  • Order your Favimon to use an action (which uses a turn)
  • Switch Favimon

(If the new Favimon has a higher speed stat then the wild Favimon, then your turn will not end.)

After you have finished your turn, it is the wild Favimon's turn.

Wild Favimon have two choices:

  • Hesistate (does nothing).
  • Use one of their actions.

Note: Wild Favimon will never use an action that would cause it to run away from battle (Escape), or replace one of their actions with a different move (Steal Action).

Favimon continue taking turns until certian conditions are fufilled.

Ending CombatEdit

Combat ends when one of three conditions is fufilled:


You lose after all of your Favimon have been defeated. In other words, the wild Favimon was able to defeat every single one of your Favimon. If this happens, start a new game.

Running AwayEdit

If your Favimon sucessfully executes an Escape action, then you discontinue battle. You do not capture the wild Favimon, all of your Favimon retain any stat changes obtained during battle, and defeated Favimon stay defeated.


This occurs if you manage to defeat the wild Favimon. This is done by reducing its health to zero. You capture the wild Favimon and add it to its roster. The Favimon keeps any stat changes obtained during the battle. The notable exception is health; the wild Favimon is healed to full health after you capture it. In addition, all of your Favimon retain any stat changes obtained during the battle, and any of your Favimon that were defeated during battle stay defeated.

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