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Here are the NUMBEROFACTIONS actions of the CLASSNAME class that are currently known.
Please add more to this list to keep it updated.

Action's Name Icon Category Level

This is a reference table for the Action's icons and category fields. 

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Action Icon Category Action Icon Category
AttackDown Attack Down HealTeammate Heal Teammate
AttackUp Attack Up Mimic Mimic
Damage Damage Peek Peek
DefenseDown Defense Down Poison Poison
DefenseUp Defense Up Sleep Sleep
Disarm Disarm SpeedDown Speed Down
Drain Drain SpeedUp Speed Up
Escape Escape StealAction Steal Action
HealSelf Heal Self Unknown Unknown


Here are NUMBEROFSITES currently known Favimon that include CLASSNAME in their list of classes.
Please add to this list as more are discovered.

Favimon's Domain Name Additional Classes
  • Classes marked in Bold give the Favimon an extra action.
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