Education class Favimon can be found at educational websites. 

Websites that end in .edu may likely have this in their class list, and websites representative of educational TV or colleges/universities may also have this class.

Websites with Education in their class list will have one extra Action in their Action list.


Here are the 10 actions of the Education class that are currently known.

Please add more to this list to keep it updated.

Action's Name Icon Category Level
Educated Guess  Peek Peek 1
F Minus  Damage Damage 2
Flu Season  Poison Poison 1
Hypothesis  AttackUp Attack Up 1
Miseducation  Damage Damage 1
Morale Boost  HealTeammate Heal Teammate 2
Plagiarize  StealAction Steal Action 3
Smart Cookie  HealSelf Heal Self 1
Study Guide  Peek Peek 2
Understudy  Mimic Mimic 2


Here are the 5 currently known Favimon that include the Education class in their list of classes. Please add more to this list to keep it updated.

Classes marked in Bold give the Favimon yet another extra action.

Favimon Name Favicon Other Classes in this Favimon's Class List Reference USA Portal Science Org USA
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