Favimon the GameEdit

Favimon is a game created by Matthew Hollett that is currently in its beta phase. The word Favimon is a cross between the words (and concepts of) Favicons and Pokemon. According to Wikia Help, "a favicon (short for 'favorites icon') is a small graphic shown in the browser's address bar, next to the site's name in lists of bookmarks, and, in tabbed browsers, on the tab next to the page's title." And according to the Pokemon Wikia, Pokémon is the name of the franchise, and originally, a series of video games developed by the company Game Freak and published by Nintendo. The actual name "Pokémon" means Pocket Monster."

Favimon uses these two concepts to create the internet's first webpage arena. Have you been up countless nights wondering whether Facebook or Myspace would win in a battle to the death? Wonder no longer, for now virtually any favicon is yours to do battle with!

Individual FavimonEdit

Favimon are can be encountered in the game by "searching" for them. If you happen to beat them in battle, then you can use them in your next battle. (See Battle for more information.)

Each Favimon has the following information:

  • A name (which is the same as the website from which the Favimon is generated)
  • An image, which is the same as the website's favicon
  • A class or classes, which determine the Favimon's actions. Normally, a Favimon's class(es) are indicative of the service(s) that the Favimon's website offers.
  • Actions, or the "moves" a Favimon can use, and
  • Stats, or the strengths of the Favimon.
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