The Gaming class references video games and the culture associated with it. If a website is devoted to some aspect of video games, then its Favimon is likely to have the Gaming class in its list of classes. (Note: Gaming refers to video games, and is not to be confused with table-top, board, card, or other non-electronic forms of games.)


Here are the 12 actions of the Gaming class that are currently known.
Please add more to this list to keep it updated.

Action Name Icon Category Level
Addiction Poison Poison 1
Easter Egg Peek Peek 1
Emulate Mimic Mimic 2
Frag Damage Damage 1
Game Over Damage Damage 2
Griefer Damage Damage 1
Leaderboard Damage Damage 1
 Noticeable Lag SpeedDown Speed Down 2
Overclock SpeedUp Speed Up 2
Pwnage Damage Damage 1
Rougelike StealAction Steal Action 3
Spoiler Peek Peek 1


Here are the 56 currently known Favimon that include the Gaming class in their list of classes.
Please add more to this list to keep it updated.

Classes marked in Bold give the Favimon an extra action.

Favimon Name Other Classes on this Favimon Portal Community Kid Toy Corp Warcraft Webservice Portal Indie Pokemon Design Japan Kid Toy Corp Eyezmaze Farmville Social Pet Design Webdev Howto Design Webservice Design Forum Design Blog Stackoverflow Howto Advice Stackoverflow Design Howto Advice Reference Community Community Forum Pokemon Design Japan Org Design App Design Event Blog Review News Portal News News Blog Shop Art Community Indie News Reviews Blog Indie Design Cinema Community Social Community Nintendo Minecraft RPG Indie Community Nintendo Blog Design Corp Blog News Portal Sony Review Blog Design Design Webdev Secondlife Social Design Corp Realty Sony Hardware Tech Corp Design Corp Indie Design Design Nintendo Microsoft Hardware Fantasy TV Comic Cinema
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