Overview[edit | edit source]

The Normal class is one of the the three special classes in Favimon. (The other being Lucky and Shiny.) Oddly enough, the Normal class is not so much of a description of a website, rather than a lack of it. Because there are so many websites on the World Wide Web, there are always going to be numerous websites with Favimons that have yet to be categorized. These sites are given the Normal class, as the only other option would be to render them inaccessible. In this way, the Normal class is more of a placeholder class. Keep note: there are a few other situations in which the Normal class is truly deserved. If a website truly is painstakingly plain, then Normal is perhaps the best description. (I.E. If the fact that a website exists online is the site's most fascinating quality, then the name "Normal" is apt.) Another case exists when a website has a clear theme, but there has not yet been a class related to that theme (and the website is not dedicated to any other classes that have already been created). In this case, the Normal class serves more as a placeholder than an indication.

The concepts associated with the Actions in the Normal Favimon class are generally universal to all websites, and thus are the most "normal" that could be found. Also, they primarily focus on simply dealing damage.

Actions[edit | edit source]

Here are the 11 actions of the Normal class that are currently known. Please add more to this list to keep it updated.

Action Name Icon Category Level
Broken Link  Damage.jpg Damage 1
Captcha  Damage.jpg Damage 2
Cookie  Healself.jpg Heal Self 1
Double Click  Damage.jpg Damage 2
Download  Damage.jpg Damage 1
Error 404  Damage.jpg Damage 1
Escape Key  Escape.jpg Escape 1
Hyperlink  Speedup.jpg Speed Up 1
Login Required  Damage.jpg Damage 1
Pop-Up Ad  Damage.jpg Damage 1
Search  Damage.jpg Damage 1

Favimon[edit | edit source]

As mentioned above, the Normal class is the default class for Favimon that have yet to be categorized. As such, the list of Favimon in this class could be absurdly large. Thus, for the case of this Wiki, assume that a Favimon is in the Normal class if you cannot locate it in any other classes.

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