If used sucessfully, Peek type actions will allow you to peek at the opponent Favimon's actions.

Peek icon


  • At level one, this move allows you to see the opponent Favimon's actions until the opponent finishes its turn.
  • At level two, this move allows you to permanently peek at the opponent Favimon's actions and classes.


Here are 37 the actions of the Peek category that are currently known.
Please add more to this list to keep it updated.

Classes marked in Bold give the Favimon an extra action. Classes marked in Italics are special classes.

Name Class Level
Blogspotlight Blogger 1
Closed Captioning TV 2
Crystal Ball Tech 2
Curriculum Vitae Monster 2
Datamine Webdev 1
Easter Egg Gaming 1
Edit Profile CMS 2
Educated Guess Education 1
Emperical Evidence Science 2
Footnotes Docs 1
Glimpse Shiny 2
Google Alert Google 1
In the Loop Press 2
Interview Jobs 1
Light Reading Book 1
Listen In Music 1
Lost and Found Tumblr 1
Navigator Mozilla 2
Peepshow Porn 1
Pokédex Pokemon 2
Privacy Policy Portal 1
Privacy Policy Webservice 2
Prognosis Health 1
RegEx Code 1
Required Reading Book 2
Scope Auction 2
Secret Service USA 2
Security Essentials Microsoft 2
Share Social 1
Spoiler Gaming 1
Subtitles Cinema 2
System Scan Antivirus 2
Thought Bubble Comic 2
Thorough Investigation News 2
View History Wiki 1
View Profile Community 1
View Source Favimon 2
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