Overview[edit | edit source]

Shop class Favimon come from websites with an online shop. While some Shop classed websites may have real-world store counterparts, most Shop classed websites will have an online store section.

Actions[edit | edit source]

Here are the 10 actions of the Shop class that are currently known.
Please add more to this list to keep it updated.

Action's Name Icon Category Level
Add To Cart  Damage.png Damage 1
Bonanza  Damage.png Damage 2
Five-Finger Discount  StealAction.png Steal Action 3
Full Refund  HealSelf.png Heal Self 2
Loss Leader  Drain.png Drain 1
Priority Post  SpeedUp.png Speed Up 1
Sales Pitch  Damage.png Damage 1
Shopaholic  Damage.png Damage 1
Sold Out  Disarm.png Disarm 1
Sticker Shock  Damage.png Damage 2

Favimon[edit | edit source]

Here are the 31 currently known Favimon that include the Shop class in their list of classes.
Please add more to this list to keep it updated.

Classes marked in Bold give the Favimon an extra action.

Favimon Name Icon Other Classes in this Favimon's Class List
abebooks.com   Book
amazon.com   Amazon Book
amazon.ca   Amazon Book
amazon.co.jp   Amazon Book Japan
barnesandnoble.com   Book
blockbuster.com   Cinema TV
borders.com   Book
etsy.com   Etsy Art
gamestop.ca   Gaming
kmart.com   Corp
macmall.com   Apple
macys.com   Fashion Apparel
newegg.com   Tech Hardware
newegg.ca   Tech Hardware
powells.com   Book
radioshack.com   Computer Hardware
sears.com   Apparel Furniture
sears.ca   Apparel Furniture
 shoppersdrugmart.com   Pharma
shoppersdrugmart.ca   Pharma
shopping.com   Community
shopify.com   Webservice
steampowered.com   Social Gaming Webservice
target.com   Corp
tigerdirect.com   Tech Hardware
tigerdirect.ca   Tech Hardware
topatoco.com   Comic
walgreens.com   Pharma Corp
walmartstores.com   Walmart Corp
walmart.com   Walmart Corp
walmart.ca   Walmart Corp
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