Stats are a measure of a Favimon's effectiveness. Health scales with how long (perhaps either the number of favimon captured or defeated, or total playtime) a player has been playing, but not upon the specific site (though class or actions may have an influence.)

The other stats appear to be more or less the same between Favimon, so differences between attack, defence, or speed may be due to class the actions that the Favimon starts with, or perhaps just a matter of luck.

When you collect a wild favimon, it retains most stat changes from battle, except for health, which is refilled to its max. (The Favimon that fought the battle will retain all stat changes.) During the game, hover your cursor over stats values for more information about them.

Note: Whenever a stat is affected, its icon will flash. The number of flashes indicates how much it changes.

Types of StatsEdit


When a favimon's health runs out, it is defeated. Each favimon has a max health value, and starts out with full health. There is currently no way to increase max health, although the more favimon you collect, the higher the wild favimon's maximum health will be.

Types of actions that directly alter health:

Type of Action Icon
Damage Damage
Drain Drain
Heal Self HealSelf
Heal Teammate HealTeammate

Note: Poison can indirectly alter health by causing poisoning, which damages over time.


Having a high attack increases your chance of doing extra damage. Max is 10.

Types of actions that directly alter attack:

Type of Action Icon
Attack Down AttackDown
Attack Up AttackUp


Having a high defense increases your chance of dodging damage. Max is 10.

Types of actions that directly alter defense:

Type of Action Icon
Defense Down DefenseDown
Defense Up DefenseUp


When you find a new wild favimon, or when you switch the active favimon during battle, the favimon with the highest speed goes first. Max is 10. (If two favimon that face off have the same speed, it is apperently purely luck that determines which one uses their action first.)

Types of actions that directly alter speed:

Type of Action Icon
Speed Down SpeedDown
Speed Up SpeedUp
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